Team Precious Metal is an Unlimited class Reno air racing team. It is based around our Pilot/ Owner Thom Richard. Together we build and race the most unique Unlimited class racer in the world- the only Griffon powered P-51 Mustang on the planet.Our team members are mostly volunteers and come from a variety of backgrounds including Shuttle program members, composites specialists, professional athletes, machinists, auto racers, A & P’s and more than we can probably list here…! Together, they worked a total of over 7000 hours on Precious Metal in preparing her for the 2013 races. Each member of the team has their own “Reno Dreams” and enjoys being part of the most excited team in the field.

Since May 2015, the team has expanded to include it’s newest racer, Hot Stuff, a member of the International Formula One class. Thom will be racing her in Tunisia, Spain and America as part of the new air race series. Members of the team will be traveling along to prep and service her during the races. We’ve added a page to this site with mmore inforation about her, including links to keep you current on all the racing going on throughout the year.