The Reno Air Races are also known as the National Championship Air Races, and have a 50 year long history. Air Racing itself goes back to the dawn of Aviation. Historically, The Races lead to great inovation in the world of Aviation, as Teams pushed the limits to build better and faster Racing Aircraft. Many of the early Aviators of note were also Air Racers.

While there are a number of formats that have evolved over the decades, the format seen at Reno is a Multiple Aircraft Pylon Race. It features a number of Racing Aircraft on a course marked out by tall Pylons racing each other at the same time. There are a number of classes, and most of them have different Courses that offer a different number of Pylons, and overall length to the Course.

Current classes include:

  • Formula One
  • Biplane
  • Sport
  • T-6
  • Jet
  • Unlimited

Each classes has its own set of rules and regulations. Tech Inspectors perform hands on Inspections for each and every aircraft before they are allowed on the course for any reason. Those that fail to pass Inspection are not qualified to use the Course until the issues have been corrected and Re-Inspected.

Racers must qualify for placement by flying Qualifying laps, with placement on the Racing Grid determined by their times.

The Races also include a large number of Aerial Showcase acts that have included Performers as diverse as Individual Aerobatic Displays, to Military and Civilian Jet Teams.