We are proud to introduce you to the newest member of the Precious Metal race team, Precious Metal’s little sister, “Hot Stuff”!

Hot Stuff

Thom will be racing her in the IF 1 race series in Tunisia and later in Spain; with the final event of the season being the races in Reno. Since the team didn’t have enough to do with prepping Precious Metal for Reno each year, they’ve expanded out to add another racer to the stable and give Thom more time going around pylons.

Much like her big sister, Hot Stuff is a cutting edge, custom designed and built racer. We’ll be giving more updates about her specfifcs over time, but the basics are that she features all carbon fiber construction, a full race engine and full race prep by the Precious Metal race team.

On an international level, the races are organized and run by the folks at airrace1.com. Check their website for constant updates on the series. In the USA, the governing body is at if1airracing.com. Keep an eye on the Facebook pages for both governing bodies and our own Precious Metal Racing Fan Facebook pages for updates as they happen. Please enjoy these photos as we officially announce her introduction into the world of IF 1 air racing with our team.