PylonThe race course has different layouts for each of the classes. It is an oval shaped course, marked by the now world famous pylons. Pylons consist of telephone poles with brightly colored 55 gallon drums mounted at the top. They set both the inner edge of the course, and the height requirement.course

At each pylon are pylon judges, who watch to insure the racers do not fly to the inside (or “Cut”) the pylons. They also observe and report height and race course issues such as going outside the back boundaries of the course during the race. Pylon judges are hard working and much respected members of the air race community, with many positions on the pylons being handed down from generation to generation of family members. These hard working judges suffer standing for days in the desert in the worst of weather to make the races happen.
Special thanks to the pylon judges for providing the map of the race course layouts. Follow their link back to their website for more information.