Thom Richard is the heart of the Precious Metal Race Team. As the owner and pilot, he also guides the racing development program and oversees all projects. A Multi-rating pilot who is also an A & P IA, he has been pursuing his dream of winning the Unlimited class at the Reno Air Races since reading about them as a 7 year old in his home country of Sweden. You may also recognize him as the Pilot in many of the Breitling Watch ads, as he and Precious Metal have appeared in them for a number of years.


Even Unlimited class race pilots have to have a real job, and Thom’s is his own business called Warbird Adventures. They offer affordable experience flights in real, WW II T-6 Aircraft in Kissimmee, Florida. Visitors to the flight operations division often find themselves wheeling through the air with a real Reno race pilot.

Here, Thom arrives with 19 minutes to spare before registration closes for the 2013 Races. Behind him is a mad, two day dash across the entire country…and that’s the short version!