Formula 1Formula 1 aircraft are all powered by a Continental O-200 engine, the same 100 hp engine is used in a Cessna 150. There are weight, size and wing area restrictions which make them all very equal as aircraft. The fastest Formula 1 aircraft reach almost 250 mph on the 3.12-mile race course in Reno. All Formula 1 aircraft are homebuilt by their teams and feature construction from the traditional to the cutting edge of composites technologies. Known for its outstanding battles in the air, teams often pitch in to help competitors make it through the week.

In the case of Team Precious Metal, Thom Richard cut his air racing teeth in this class; having taken part and won it in two Cassutt Racers. As we put this site together, Thom has just announced he is returning to the cockpit of a Cassutt racer to take part in the new Formula 1 racing league in Europe!